Haddu Meerida Haadi – 2


About the play:

This play has been written based on the life of Bharatendu Harischandra, a Bengali playwright who is also widely acknowledged as the father of modern Hindi literature and theatre. The play depicts the helplessness and the inevitability of eventually losing the game played from the time they are born by humans with death. The play shows us how man, in his youth & final days, perceives and pulsates to life & death. Death in itself is peaceful and silent but the imagination of death is dreadful. This is probably why the fear of death rather than death itself plagues us more. In this play an attempt has been made to glorify the fear of death more than death itself.


Goswami / Concourse Raghavendra Prasad C
Bhola / RamaSharana / Concourse Shivanand G K
KaaliCharana / Concourse Sunil
Vinayaka / Concourse Mrutyunjaya K
Lilavati Divya
Manjari Aashika
Mishra / Concourse Mallikarjun Devaramane
Bharatendu Sandesh Jain
Mallika Sowmyashree Marnad
Mrutyu (Death) Hari Samashti
Raja Shivaprasad Srinivas Talakadu
Maragasa Harish Rudraiah
Garagasa Bharath B T E
Fear of death Brunda K J


Music Chidanand Kulkarni
Chorus Utthaana Bharighat
Gopala Krishna
Tabla Dhananjaya Kulkarni
Art Vinod Panna
Costume Design Vasundhara S P
Tanuja Rudraiah
Properties Vasundhara S P
Stage Design Shivanand G K
Jai Shankar
Srinivas Prasad
Make-Up Raghavendra Prasad C
Music Management Renuka Aradhya
Choreography Manjunath Badiger
Shwetha Srinivas
Management Gangadhar Karikere
Organization Jayatheertha B V
Lighting and Direction Ravindra Poojary

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