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Exhibitions & Events


At SAMASHTI we aim at work and co-ordination in the following disciplines.

1. Theatre
2. CSR Projects
3. Social Awareness Programs
4. Films / Documentaries / Media
5. Theatre in Education
6. Stage Crafts

SAMASHTI, born in the year 2000, is the team with multifaceted talents who have dedicated themselves to the Kannada theatre. The Main Purpose of the Troupe is to discover new aspirants, training them in all aspects of theatre and bringing them to the main stream of Kannada Theatre. To achieve its objectives Samashti have organized many free theatre camps so far.


To excel in all aspects of theatre, with a view to reach new heights, on a self-sustained basis.


Reach the mass without affecting the values of theatre.Give importance to the creative work.Give emphasis to all aspects of theatre in productions such as acting, set, music, properties; make up, costumes, lighting etc.
Assume acting as a core subject.Conduct workshops to identify talents and to enrich the existing talents.Produce new or rarely touched plays.