Thursday, 19 July 2018
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Make Up Workshop

Samashti conducted a 3 days free workshops for its members and member's of different amateur theatre troupes in Bangalore. There were about 25 members participated in this workshop. The workshop was conducted by veteran make up artist Mr. Ramakrishna Kannarapadi.

About Mr. Ramakrishna Kannarapadi:

Ramakrishna Kannarapadi is a veteran makeup artist was working in Kannada Theatre since 1970. He has a diploma in thaetre arts from Bangalore University. He has worked under various directors like B V Karanth, Prema Karanth, Prof B Chandrashekar, V Ramamurthy, Ranjith Kapoor, Dr. HK Ranganath, T S Nagabharana etc. He is a first desciple of makeup legend B N Nani.

Ramakrishna Kannarapadi is awarded with prestigious "Chamanlal Memorial Award", "Karnataka Nataka Academy Award" and many more like awards.

Makeup Workshop Photo Gallery